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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum approach revolves around exploration, engagement and experiential learning. It includes:
  • language and literacy
  • phonics, reading and writing
  • numeracy 
  • moral education
  • creative expression (through art & craft and music & movement)
  • environment and community awareness
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • outdoor play and indoor sports
  • social and emotional development - making friends, caring for each other and having empathy.
  • Enhanced mastery of literacy and numeracy concepts through interaction, reinforcement and creative application games (included in FULL DAY programme)
  • Project Works - Science & Discovery and innovative Aesthetic & Creative Activites (included in FULL DAY programme)
  • Personalized private coaching in English, Math and Chinese (included in FULL DAY programme)
  • Purposeful Play (included in FULL DAY programme) 

Enrichment during school hours (Optional)

  • Oistein's Amazing World of Art (Nursery) - one hour per session
  • Computer (K1/K2) - one hour per session

Enrichment after school hours (Optional)

  • English Speech & Drama with Absolute Art (K1/K2) - 3 hours per session
  • Chinese Speech & Drama with Chinese Cultural Arts & Calligraphy (K1/K2) - 3 hours per session