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Our Achievements

WHY Holy Family Kindergarten?

Because we not only develop our children physically and intellectually but also impart good values and dispositions to prepare them for
lifelong learning. 


To be happy, confident and comfortable with themselves

             To be able to relate with others and to make friends


"I am proud of Arthur's achievements and grateful that he is surrounded by caring, experienced, skilled, understanding educators who support and guide him on his learning journey. Thank you."
                                                                                                                  Rosie and Ai Ho
"Having moved from Sydney, Elliot needed to adjust to Singapore - we appreciate Holy Family Kindergarten's assistance in settling in Elliot and he's made some good friends at school too. Special thanks to Teacher Ng and Du Laoshi at Holy Family Kindergarten for taking care of our little man."
                                                                                                                   Michelle d'Cruz
"Thank you Teacher Ng and to all the Teachers for taking good care of our precious ones each and every day.  Grateful for the influence Holy Family Kindergarten on our child's growth and success.  Jared will surely miss all his classmates, friends and especially all the loving and caring Teachers.  God bless you all in Holy Family kIndergarten.
                                                                                                                    Mrs. Forton

"Thank you Teacher Ng and everyone else at Holy Family Kindergarten that have helped our children learn and grow.  The love you have for our children really shines through.  God Bless you all!!!"
Mrs. Toft
"Please extend my warmest wishes to all the teachers at Holy Family Kindergarten.  Every single one of you has played an important part in nurturing my children.  I wish all of you, all the best.  Keep in touch, be it here on whatsapp, or on social media."
                        Mrs. Tan